Introducing Travelport ViewTrip Mobile

A new personal travel concierge service for customers - and it's free!

You can now deliver all your customers' travel info directly into the palms of their hands with the free Travelport ViewTrip Mobile app.

Now travellers can keep all their journey details handy, and access a fantastic range of cool features and extra information to make their travelling much easier.

Travelport ViewTrip Mobile automatically updates travellers’ itineraries on their Android and iPhone smartphones when you email their itinerary. They can then use the app to plan the rest of their journey, including parking, currency, sightseeing, local events, weather, and much, much more.

Best of all, this is already available. If you’re using Travelport ViewTrip you can offer Travelport ViewTrip Mobile for free. Just direct your customers to register online and then download the app. They can be up and running immediately.

To get started, view our resource toolkit, with a wide range of templates for emails, postcards and posters for you to use with customers. Download it for free.

View our demo to see more of Travelport ViewTrip Mobile's features or for more information contact us.

Automatic itinerary delivery

An itinerary of all their travel arrangements is shown for each trip, including scheduled transport, hotels and car hire.

Flight status and travel alerts

Up to date flight information and travel news, keeping travellers informed of anything that could affect their trip.

In-airport activites and vouchers

Timely and relevant messages telling travellers what's happening and what is on offer.


City guides, maps and directions

Suggestions and information on sightseeing, shopping, sleeping, eating, maps, and more.

Location-aware services

There’s a wealth of useful location-based information on everything from nearby restaurants, places to visit, landmarks, attractions, and much more.

Currency conversion

A helpful currency converter allows them to keep track of how much things cost, and know how much they are really spending!