Introducing Travelport ViewTrip Mobile

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Sign In Screen

There is a secure login system to identify all your travel information and also keep it safe from other people.

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Welcome Back

When you login, you will always receive a personalised welcome message along with a link to your saved trips.

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Your Trips

All your trips are listed in a clear, straightforward way. You simply tap on the relevant listing to bring up that trip's details.

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Trip Summary

Each trip has full flight details along with a comprehensive range of tools to help plan your journey.

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Trip Tools

There are all kinds of helpful resources, from information on the airports you’ll visit, guides to your destination, event diaries, currency information, weather, and much more.

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An itinerary of all your travel arrangements is shown for each trip, including scheduled transport, restaurant bookings, and planned events.

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Currency Converter

A helpful currency converter allows you to keep track of how much things cost, and know how much you're really spending!

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Useful Travel Info

For each trip, a list of useful information and relevant telephone numbers will appear automatically, based on where you are.

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Location Aware Travel Guide

And there's also a wealth of other useful location-based information on everything from nearby restaurants, places to visit, landmarks, attractions, and much more.

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Travel Guide - Details

Tapping on a particular attraction opens up a page with more information, including contact details, directions, website, images, news, reviews and more.

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Weather Forecast

There's a five-day weather forecast, so you can plan what clothes to take and schedule your days' activities while on your trip.

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Events Guide

Get the full travel experience wherever you go with the location-based events guide. It works just like the Travel Guide, but lists nearby events and entertainment, also providing full details when you tap through.

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Create a New Trip

Add additional elements to your trip that have been booked directly, and not through your agent, such as car hire, events and more.

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Add a Trip

Just add in the flight details of your other trips and Travelport ViewTrip Mobile will automatically deliver the relevant destination and guide information to your smartphone.